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Find Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Webroot Antivirus Download

What services does Webroot technical support offer?

Webroot technical support offers comprehensive services that help with every aspect of installation and activation of this antivirus product on your device. Apart from installation you can also look forward to Antivirus re-installation, upgradation, activation, Webroot Setup antivirus settings as per specific system requirements, scanning the system and removal of virus, spyware, malware and other threats, customization of Webroot antivirus settings and resolution of every other issue related to the product. Online technical support is available at +1-844-542-9222, 24*7.

How do I install Webroot with a CD?

If you have bought a Webroot antivirus CD, you will find a special key code at the back of the box. You need to insert the CD and download the files. Next you will have to enter the special alpha-numeric code and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

What do I need to do to re-install Webroot?

If you have already been using Webroot, you need to remove the previous one before installing the new one because its presence may interfere with effective functioning of the new one. You can call +1-844-542-9222 for help on removal.

Is it necessary for me to create a Webroot account to use any of its products?

Yes. It is advisable to create an account if you wish to install Webroot antivirus on a single or multiple devices. Creating an account will help you manage your software online with easier and faster installation, activation, renewal, upgrades and other aspects.

Can I transfer my software to another device?

You can install Webroot antivirus on one or many devices. If you have an active subscription on any one device, you can transfer it to another device or even re-install it.