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For all the people out there in the USA, now you can protect your mobile devices by using the best antivirus software - Webroot.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android

It can be seen that almost 100% of people use their mobiles for their daily use and more than half use mobiles for professional use. This software provides quick and simple ways to deal with harmful viruses or malware. Like versatile workstations, android phones are powerless against cutting virus and malware attacks.

Webroot Mobile Security for IOS

Continuously and more customers rely upon phones and tablets to manage their own and business data, opening up a charming new concentration for cybercriminals. While these virus rates and malware are increasing day by day and malware is growing exponentially for both Android and iOS devices. The total risks to IOS devices separated by the Webroot Mobile Research gather rose 384% from 2012 to 2013.

Webroot Mobile Phone & Tablet Security Anti-Virus Protection

Despite advanced malware, mobile phones are exceedingly exposed against burglary and adversity as a result of their size and comfort. In spite of the way that they can help intensify delegate productivity, directing and securing these contraptions demonstrates a unique test for IT administrators. Webroot Business Mobile Protection secures contraptions from malware, vindictive destinations and application lays hold of, while securing corporate and customer data against coincidental adversity or thievery. Using cloud security understanding, Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Security requires no on-introduce organization gear or programming. Or maybe, the security status of mobile phones is evident and under control through the Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Management Console webpage. Association of PDAs, PCs and framework endpoints is direct. Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Protection is sketched out as a low resource utilizes plan, keeping operational costs down and contraption execution perfect. It limits battery, exchange speed and memory utilize, in addition, is constantly cutting-edge.

Following are the advantages of Webroot Mobile Security Support:


Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Protection is a cloud-based advantage that offers straightforward association and joined organization over phones.

Online Administration

  • Intuitive, single reason for control for detectable quality and giving insights with respect to mobile gadgets.
  • Mobile dashboard gives minute status of contraptions requiring thought.
  • Ability to influence custom and default to store up courses of action inside the organization comfort for over-the-air sending.

Courses of Action May Be Made to Cover:

  • Antivirus shields, Lost Device Protection, SMS Blocking, Secure Web surfing and Password/Lock usage for Android.
  • General plans and Passcode prerequisite, and also Wi-Fi, VPN and supported email relationship for iOS.
  • Execute remote lost contraption protection and general requests.
  • Classifies the reputation of downloaded applications on each and every mobile phone.
  • Customizable alerts by methods for email or SMS.

Cloud Simplicity

  • Quick updates that don't impede execution or proficiency.
  • Fast and basic sending by methods for email or SMS.
  • No servers or on-introduce system required, reducing capital utilize and administrative cost.
  • Built on versatile, redundant Amazon Web Services, ensuring your organization can create as your business creates.