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Protect Your Network and DNS Connection

Online threats are present everywhere and as a user you need complete protection. This can be done with network and DNS protection from Webroot Network Security. This brand is a well-known provider of antivirus solutions for all kinds of devices. You can go a step further in ensuring online security by choosing Webroot Secureanywhere DNS Protection that safeguards your internet connection. With this security in place, you don’t have to bother about internet usage and worry about malicious threats like viruses, malware, spyware, etc. that might creep into your device and cause irreversible damage.

360 Degree Online Protection with Network Security

By protecting your network and DNS connection with Webroot Security, you choose a complete 360 online defense mechanism because this is much more than a simple antivirus program. As a part of network security service, you can expect much more than online protection. You can not only protect yourself from various kinds of cyber-attacks but also gain insight into web usage, possible threats, enforce web usage policies, etc. f or reduced risks. You can download a datasheet or request a trial to know more about this service which can be implemented for all types of business as well as home based networks. Easy installation in a short time, detailed reports about online threats and blocking them at domain level, reducing costs related to DNS infections, apply leading web classification, enabling policies by IP, etc. are some features that enhance this service.

Superior Technological Protection

The network security is a cloud based service that uses the Webroot Intelligence Network for better protection and enhanced results. Critical information procured through the brand’s intelligence network backs all Webroot products and is used to understand DNS vulnerabilities and threats to deal with them in a better manner. For more information on this service and all other Webroot antivirus products you can call +1-844-542-9222 and even seek technical help. Trained technicians and professionals are available for guidance and resolution of all kinds of issues.